Insights from Arizona’s Construction Estimation Pioneer

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The Reasons Behind Establishing a Construction Estimation Company:

After getting my civil engineering degree, I started working on construction projects as a junior general contractor. I learned a lot from my senior, and I have seen the potential of the construction industry. However, I also noticed that there was a lack of time to prepare accurate and transparent cost estimations to bid on other projects.

Approximately 80% of contractors were missing 35% – 45% of their revenue because they were so busy with their current projects. As a result, they were not able to bid on new projects. This realization led me to establish my own construction estimation company. When I gained enough experience in estimating project costs accurately, I established Arizona’s Estimation Company with one of my teammates.

Know the Future Goals of the Estimation Company From Our CEO:

I aim to help contractors earn more and more profits by continuously bidding and winning projects in Arizona. When I entered the construction estimation field, I found a lot of errors in the bidding process. Many contractors were losing money because they couldn’t estimate project costs accurately and transparently. Therefore, our company’s main goal is to provide 100% accurate and transparent cost estimates to our clients.

We believe that by doing so, we can help contractors in Arizona increase their revenue and grow their business while also maintaining a sustainable construction industry. We also expand our services in all the nearby areas of Arizona. Let us handle the cost estimation while you focus on your construction projects and winning bids.